Everytime we launch a new application in a social network, after a few weeks it’s important to know if we have upward growth.

The only thing I can think that demonstrates this is more installs per day. In our databases we capture full timestamps of the new installed user.

To turn this into something I can look at and understand, I have to run this query.

SELECT date_format( date_added, ‘%Y-%m-%d’ ) , count( * )
FROM fb_user
GROUP BY date_format( date_added, ‘%Y-%m-%d’ )
ORDER BY date_format( date_added, ‘%Y-%m-%d’ ) ASC

I am going to try to make a graph to view this in flex… first time Flex graphing đŸ™‚ I’ll post an update when it works..


Ok this was extremely annoying but figure it out (again ) this time I am documenting what I did, to help me ( cause I know I’ll forget how I did it ) and for anyone else having the same issue.

Trying to insert a trigger through the phpmyadmin web interface.

  1. Ensure your SQL on it’s own is correct
  2. Ensure your MySQL trigger syntax is correct
  3. change the delimiter ( in the text field) to something like % ( see diagram )
  4. put the new delimiter at the end of the entire statement
  5. Pray for mercy !

Here is a diagram to really simplify it.

So nice to see that success message

So nice to see that success message