Mobile development 101

March 2, 2011

ok so I am trying to jump into the mobile market game.

I recently purchased a iPod Touch4 and an Android 2.2 device.

I have been kind of jumping around looking at the best languages and environments to develop with. I was pretty set on using Adobe CS5 with iphone packager, but after some testing, I found the performance not really useful for the type of apps I would like to make.

I think the adobe products for iphone packager will be ok if you make puzzle games or non-performance intensive apps. Simple tap, orientation change and accelerometer driven apps  are very easy assuming you have a good grasp of Actionscript 3. I really wanted to stick with AS3 and the adobe products on this, but I have finally accepted that as of today I don’t think the iphone packager is ready for high performance apps. Again it could just be me, as I have seen some demos of super optimized code that perform very well and have tested flash packaged games from the Apple app store on the itouch that run very well.

But yesterday I started to play with the Corona SDK.  So far I am very impressed and excited that the dev->test cycle is going to be extremely rapid. Save my update and reload the Corona simulator to test my code.

There are some gotchas for newbs getttin off the ground. I aim to keep adding posts mostly for my own historical progression as I dive deeper into Corona and Lua.


multi-user flash games

January 6, 2009

I just come across a network that will power a flash game with:

  • real-time multi-user capability
  • data storage api
  • payment api
  • acheivements
  • high score

the service is called Nonoba

Flash to Facebook bridge

November 19, 2008

I recently got working a Flash to Facebook bridge. I downloaded the as3 classes and example files from

I spent a good couple of hours setting up my code and finding it not working. 

So back to square one, I loaded ZF’s example code and it worked. So I knew the issue remained with my setup

I first tested the calls with my barebones swf placed in an FB:iframe.

It worked!

So next  I started adding the flashvars I was trying to pass into the swf inside the frame.

It still worked !

next I added back the POST variables I was passing from the main page into the iframe.


It turns out I was not url-encoding my POST vars.

Lesson learned : urlencode() my vars !..   and of course the JS code and such did not alert me to any problems, it just didn’t work.