This has plagued me from the start. After messing around a times at it, I figured out how to get things moved around.

Problem:  If using the multi-friend-selector in an iframe, the dialog that pops up, will sometimes be cut off on the right.

the example code they provide is something like:

<fb:serverFbml style="width: 755px;">
 <script type="text/fbml">

Solution: To squeeze the popup, so that its over the selector itself do

<fb:serverFbml width="600px">
<script type="text/fbml">



We recently started to look into working with the Trial Pay system
TrialPay Referral Program

There is a movement away from the the typical offerwalls into networks that provide “quality” offers. Trial Pay specializes in Shopping and some survey offers. There isn’t any app install, or toolbar download offers.

What really opened our eyes to this provider is that Facebook exclusively ( so far ) uses them for their Facebook Credits system. We are in the early stages of testing. more to come.

Flex Facebook app in beta

December 22, 2008

We have finally released our first social gaming Flex application on Facebook.  The application is called Presidents & Assholes, it based on the popular card game Asshole. The application is real-time, and requires 4 live players to activate a game table. We have added a betting component, so users have a sense of reward.

Presidents and Assholes The application has a Spectator mode that will allow users to “preview” the game without forcing them to install. This same preview is available to the global internet without logging into Facebook. You can preview the game by clicking

The game has an easy to use chat window that will broadcast your message to the room. Users can enter and leave any number of game table rooms, and optionally sit down if they have installed the Facebook app.

Flash to Facebook bridge

November 19, 2008

I recently got working a Flash to Facebook bridge. I downloaded the as3 classes and example files from

I spent a good couple of hours setting up my code and finding it not working. 

So back to square one, I loaded ZF’s example code and it worked. So I knew the issue remained with my setup

I first tested the calls with my barebones swf placed in an FB:iframe.

It worked!

So next  I started adding the flashvars I was trying to pass into the swf inside the frame.

It still worked !

next I added back the POST variables I was passing from the main page into the iframe.


It turns out I was not url-encoding my POST vars.

Lesson learned : urlencode() my vars !..   and of course the JS code and such did not alert me to any problems, it just didn’t work.