Amazon Web Services EC2

May 1, 2009

So finally got a chance to get on the Amazon EC2 hosting cloud. Got myself a small “instance” a virtual machine equivalent to a 1 gig xeon. Hmm instead blogging about it, I should probablly get my web applications moved over to it.

So I will do that, then update this post with more info. So far the Amazon system is pretty awesome, it’s fast, I was able to shutdown and start about 7 instances in about a 1 hr timeframe trying out different starter images.

I ended up settling on a base Debian 5.0 Lenny , and re-setup all my services from scratch. This takes time but ensures I know what services I have running and forces me to re-look into the configurations I setup. Fortunately I can do cool things like copy the entire /var/lib/mysql folder over and all my databases move no problems :). The bandwidth on the amazon instances is capped about 10 Mbit/s which is pretty decent.. I’ve seen my transfers average 8 Mbit/s easy..

So better get back to it, and move another domain over.


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