Flex Facebook app in beta

December 22, 2008

We have finally released our first social gaming Flex application on Facebook.  The application is called Presidents & Assholes, it based on the popular card game Asshole. The application is real-time, and requires 4 live players to activate a game table. We have added a betting component, so users have a sense of reward.

Presidents and Assholes The application has a Spectator mode that will allow users to “preview” the game without forcing them to install. This same preview is available to the global internet without logging into Facebook. You can preview the game by clicking http://apps.facebook.com/play_president/.

The game has an easy to use chat window that will broadcast your message to the room. Users can enter and leave any number of game table rooms, and optionally sit down if they have installed the Facebook app.


2 Responses to “Flex Facebook app in beta”

  1. Ryan Says:

    We are stilllll bug fixing this monster. They bugs are either cases we didn’t discover until now, or newly created ones from some changes we made. Some examples are :

    – if a user leaves during exchange of cards
    – duplicates were showing up when someone was out of cards
    – rankgrid coming up when people leave the room, after the first exchange

    just to name a few

  2. Ryan Says:

    o man still fixing bugs… we are now listing all the use-cases and systematically going through them one by one

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